Interior design through the decades

Interior design as well architecture has changed a lot. Nowadays, interior design has different shapes, colors, textures, lines, everything. Do you know all the changes? In this post you will find out! So let’s start.


In 1920 Art Deco was on vogue. The first time this style appeared was after the World War I. This style includes mosaic, ceramics and wrought iron. If you love chevron prints and textures this style is special because of that.

-Bold colors and patterns are really common in Art Deco

-Sharp angles and zigzags

-Deep red, bright blue, black, teal and orange are the tones of this interior design style.

1930s and 1940s

The 1930s and 1940s was the years of Modernist interior design. This type of design accentuates strong lines, minimal texture and it uses dramatic modern art.

If you like contrasting colors and textures, colors as grey, red, black, white and orange you’ll love Modernist style.


Mid-century interior design was all about organic and graphic patterns. This style made a hugged return with TV series, Mad Men.

This type of design has clean and minimalist lines, unexpected colors as blue, green, rust and pastels.


The style that we like: Minimalist. This interior design style was heavily influenced by Japanese design. The leiv motiv of Minimalist is “less is more”, that’s why it makes emphasis on negative space. Colors as red, yellow, blue, black and white are the ones in minimalist.


70s was the decade of self expression. A type of interior design that combines high-tech and natural elements, bold patterns. Colors such as brick red, gold, avocado green, pink and rust are typical of self expression.


The new modern appeared on the 80s. Floral prints and patterns are common on this interior design style. It furniture is overstuffed combine it with colors as burgundy, gold, pastels, beige, and mauve.


Individual is a mix of Art deco, minimalist, and modernist. This interior design has metal and glass accents. The color palette of Individual style is grey, beige, hunter green, peach, and mint green.


We’ve arrived to our century. Our kind of interior design is century eclecticism focused on functional yet sophisticated comfort. It combines eclectic elements with a unifying theme. You can recognize this type of design for colors like navy, light blue, brown, orange, soft yellow, purple, and olive in their elements, rooms and decoration.

We hope you did enjoy this journey and you want to share it!