Design basics: second part

We know your house is your morada. A house is a place that we all want to express a part of what we are but sometimes we don’t know how to make it. That’s why we want to help you to create a beautiful home. There are a number of factors you need to consider when installing lighting and rearranging your home furniture. You can get started on your home decorating journey by reading this post.

Using variety of lighting sources will help you a lot!

This point matters because will allows you to increase light for activities and reduce it for a romantic ambiance. You can appliance this combined overhead lights, task lights, ambient, lighting and floor lamps.


Group decoration!

A trick is group decorations in odd numbers. Asymmetrical decorations are visually attractive, and that is what we all want to achieve, right? A great and a beautiful house!

A way to apply this is using groups of 3 for frames, pillows, candles and art.

Invest in classic

Classic furniture is a most have in all houses! So investing in this kind of furniture won’t be a waste of money or time. This matter because classic furniture last through all trends.You can apply it buying classic styles for sofas, beds, and tables. You can play swapping accessories!