Design Basics: first part

Today we want that you know all the design basics, they will help you to spruce up every room in your house. So let’s start!

First of all, you need to decide how each room will be used. This is kind of a gold interior design rule. So in this way you can define how every each of them are going to look.

Remember that what it matters is the room function. This is going to dictates overall design.

A way to apply what we say before is arranging furniture and appliances for easy use. Also allow space for adequate storage.   

Evoke emotions with color

Colors create calm, sparks the imagination and influences in the mood. The proper color pallet will influence in all that! So is very important.

Take notes of this:

·         Red sparks appetites –perfect for kitchens-

·         Yellow boost energy

·         Blue and green reduce stress

Arrange furniture for easy movement

Doing this will allows you a better flow, make a space more visually pleasant.

You will toward this doing this arranges:

·         Point large pieces toward the focal points

·         Don’t block walkways

·         Mix tall,short and heavy light furniture

Have a focal point

Having a focal point will create a center piece for your overall design. You just have to exploit natural focal points as: windows, fireplace or bay windows. Also bookcases, colorful rugs, mirrors also work.