Principal bedrooms décor

Your room is your sanctuary. Is the place where you can relax and be as you want to be without fear nothing.

The interior design of the principal bedroom should be an escape route to the imaginary world of each person. The design for this room has to be very special, intimate and warm. It is possible that the customer wants that their principal bedroom be a reflection of everything that he likes and loves. Or he may want to make it simple but elegant.

Interior design of married couples

The decor of double rooms filled with ornaments and furniture unused, has already passé. We cannot waste our space with things that we don't use; the best thing is to leave plenty of free space so you can move freely.

At the time of choosing furniture, we recommend to our clients pick the ones that are totally practical and have a pretty design. We recommend furniture finished in light shades since they contribute to the harmony of the bedroom. Only it is advisable to have a large and comfortable bed, a wardrobe where to store your clothes, a chest of drawers table for each and one Chair. If you have a bigger room can place here also a TV, a Blu-ray or stereo to create a place where the two can live pleasant moments.

As for the style of the decoration of marriage bedrooms, we take into account their ages, their personalities and their way of life. Perhaps one of them prefer a modern style, while the other is more classic. But this should not be a problem, they only have to learn to combine it their ideas. And we can help them in the process. Whatever style they choose, they must add a touch of romance to make it a very special house site.

Small bedrooms decoration

Although the space is small, there are bedrooms that after getting a good design seem larger. The placement of mirrors is a key to creating a feeling of spaciousness. Place a carpet, curtains or a bedside table is enough to create a comfortable environment.

An interesting decorative element is placement of tables, a chair or vases of flowers. As for the color of the walls, you can play with two well matched colors or even wallpaper.

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