Minimalist interior design

Minimalist style is a tendency which today steals the looks on the world of design and interior decoration. This decorative style responds to the idea of returning to the basics of each element.

Thus each piece of decoration or accessory is designed under the premise of functionality and design. To have more references when applying it to your home, these are some minimalist decorating ideas that you can consider while you are working with us.

Think about the color

When the minimalist style takes our spirit, there is an aspect to consider: we refer to the colors. The preference in decorating minimalist interiors is neutral colors. The ideal is to have a base tone, which is usually white, and others as primary colors or secondary colors to enhance the tonality.

Basic furniture

Perhaps the most basic furnishings that exist from thousands of years are the table and chair, together can turn a space in a beautiful dining room for dinner at night or have breakfast in family on mornings. In the searching of basics, minimalism is the simplest form of the elements. A thin tablecloth, a lush table centrepiece or dishes of multiple pieces is not necessary. Modern dining room furniture and ornaments minimum is paramount in this style.

The minimalisms is in everything

When it comes to incorporating the minimalist interior decoration in the interior of a house, no place escapes. The truth is that from the bathroom, study and even the kitchen decor, great things are possible.

Modern shelves

The call is for simple furniture that can serve for their function with honors and a good idea are shelves. The basic form of storage is a box and why not put floating boxes to store books? 

Modern minimalisms

That an object is based on the trend of minimalist doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be boring. Today thousands of firms engaged in launching new lines of minimalist furniture, concentrates on the importance of design and function, without leaving any of the side what they have achieved, large work that allows us to rethink the world and the objects that surround us.

Those are some of the reason why Tassini Design loves this type of decorating. We create beautiful spaces from basic forms.