Take advantage of your stairs!

We can add infinity of uses to the dead spaces that we have under of our house

stairs. Some décor ideas and tricks are adding some shelves and turn it into a

storage space. But someone has thought once in use that place as a desk. If we

think a little bit in this isn’t a crazy thing. You can transform that place in your

office or turn it in a guest room installing a comfortable bed.

Ideas for stairs in the living room

If the stairs of your house are located in the living room, probably they are a pretty

elegant ones. So we can use more our creativity to create something very special.

Let’s take advantage of this space and let’s integrate it with the rest of the living

room decoration. We can transform it in a library, the perfect reading corner, or

just a place to storage things.

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Ideas for stairs in the principal hall

If the stair of your house is on the reception area, or located in a hall much

concurred, it will be a good area to use as the storage place to objects of common

use. Even your bike is you are a fan of sports. Another concept could be use this

space to give a special decoration to your home.

Turn your stairs into a office

If you don’t have much space in your house, you can turn, as we say before, this

place into your little studio. Take a look of this ideas!

We hope you like this article!

We hope you like this article!