What to consider when you decorate a small living room.

The living room is one of the first areas that visitors see upon entering our home, hence the order, elegance and good style should prevail in these areas to ensure good impression of them. Today, home decoration it's a very easy task because the diverse councils and decorative options have been shared in so many cases, especially when the living room, which is one of the most important places in home, needs to be decorated according to the new tendencies and space limitations.

The styles that can be used to decorate the living room are varied, everything depends on the characteristics of the room and the tastes and personality of its owner. A point to consider when you're decorating these places is the size of them, because the colors influence the environment, making it feel wider or narrower.

If the room is very small, sometimes can be a complicated job, cause those large furnitures that you wish should be ignored completely, however, the decor is never impossible because of the great innovations in terms of furnishings. Today, you can use countless furniture that have been developed specifically for small-sized houses without forget to bring versatility, style and keep been practical to your place.

An example of this are the sofa beds, that are perfect when you take home visitors and you do not have an extra room where they can sleep. In the living room you should never miss the shelves, as these are the ones who keep the place tidy perfectly. If you combine them with a beautiful table, they could bring the balance to your living room without so many furniture there.

Simpler decoration, wider living room will be displayed. So the excess use of accessories is discarded, mainly on the walls. As for the curtains, cushions, sofas, tables or other accessories should not have too ostentatious designs.

When we faced to the colors of the decoration, the key to give the wall the perfect tonality is a major issue, where it's recommended to use light shades made that create a feeling of spaciousness, clarity and freshness. In addition to white it is also recommended the blue and yellow as long as they are light colors.

What do you think of this advice? Do you have a particular style when decorating small spaces?

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