Choosing the perfect color palette


Choosing a color palette can be a hard work. There are so many option, bright colors, dark shades and textures. Sometimes you want to have every color at once and that’s a mistake. We hope that this post guide in the right direction choosing a great color palette.

First of all, you’ve to look a color wheel to create your own color palette according to your personality. You will find 4 kinds of color scheme: a monochromatic, analogous, contrast and complementary.

We consider that is better to choose the furniture first and later the color palette. But all depends on you. Your furnishings are an important part of your color scheme. When we talk about choosing a color palette involves everything, not only walls.

Decide your favorite colors for your accessories and furniture, then to put it in your walls.

People should prefer start with contrast, from dark to light. If you like more pale walls, add some color with accessories, furniture and rugs.

It’s important that you test your colors, do it in a little space in a room. In this way, you can see how they work and make a final decision.

Remember that lighting can change your perception of a color. Lighting can reflect and deflects color. Have this in mind while you are doing your color testing.

Every room has a personality and tone, so, a bathroom can’t be as brighter as a living room for example. It should be more cold. But as we always think in Tassini Design, the final word has it the client.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post!