The Do’s and Don’ts of Interior Design


Interior Design it could be difficult for much of people. We all want to have a dream house like those we watch on magazines. Sometimes to maintain pretty your home you just need a couple of tricks and we are going to share some in this post. So, let’s start!

The Don’ts  

Choosing color palette

A common mistake is choosing the color palette in a store. This is wrong. The right thing to do is ask for samples. So, you can see what they look in home. In this way, you will be able to see how they look in natural and artificial light.

Art pieces

In Tassini Design we love to add some art pieces, they add elegance and they are an interest element that express our client’s taste. A common mistake is hanging small art pieces. If you do this, your little piece of art will be devoured by the surrounding empty space and you want the opposite.

Less is more!

When you display so much elements at once everything will look messy and non-visually attractive. So remember that less is more!

The Do’s

Choose accessories

In Interior Design, you can play with accessories and elements to create a special atmosphere. So, do choose accessories that emphasizes the theme of a room and the colors used.

Enhance a room

We all want to make a room seems larger. A way to achieve that purpose is using a few large, statement pieces of furniture.

 Play with trends

As in fashion, in Interior Design you can play with trends. So, why don’t do it? Use accessories they’re easy to alter when you fancy a change. Of course, you have to keep a balance and try to play following an idea.


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