Home Office Ideas


Sometimes you work from home and for that you need a comfortable space with everything you need to achieve your goals. Nowadays there are so many people working in remote jobs, instead of working in a cubicle. Getting a productive work hours requires a space that inspire you and allows you to do it.

First of all: you have to love the place where you’re going to work. For that you have to find the right place.

You should consider if you like to work in silence or if you are ok with a little noise around. If you are more social while working a space around living room can work for you. In other hand, if you prefer work in silent a bedroom down a hallway will provide you peace.

Putting all together

Provide your home office with everything you need: pens, paper, envelopes and charger. So, in this way, you are not going to waste time looking for them around your house.

Pick a place with natural light, this will increase your productivity (it really does). And of course, you will need to have artificial light when it gets dark outside.

Add some plants

Plants can make a difference in a room. Pick your favorite! we recommend succulents or rubber plants because they don’t need much maintenance.


The best thing about working from home is creating a personal space to work and some space to read or take a break. Remember that is as important as do every “To Do” you have in your list.

Choosing the perfect color palette


Choosing a color palette can be a hard work. There are so many option, bright colors, dark shades and textures. Sometimes you want to have every color at once and that’s a mistake. We hope that this post guide in the right direction choosing a great color palette.

First of all, you’ve to look a color wheel to create your own color palette according to your personality. You will find 4 kinds of color scheme: a monochromatic, analogous, contrast and complementary.

We consider that is better to choose the furniture first and later the color palette. But all depends on you. Your furnishings are an important part of your color scheme. When we talk about choosing a color palette involves everything, not only walls.

Decide your favorite colors for your accessories and furniture, then to put it in your walls.

People should prefer start with contrast, from dark to light. If you like more pale walls, add some color with accessories, furniture and rugs.

It’s important that you test your colors, do it in a little space in a room. In this way, you can see how they work and make a final decision.

Remember that lighting can change your perception of a color. Lighting can reflect and deflects color. Have this in mind while you are doing your color testing.

Every room has a personality and tone, so, a bathroom can’t be as brighter as a living room for example. It should be more cold. But as we always think in Tassini Design, the final word has it the client.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Interior Design


Interior Design it could be difficult for much of people. We all want to have a dream house like those we watch on magazines. Sometimes to maintain pretty your home you just need a couple of tricks and we are going to share some in this post. So, let’s start!

The Don’ts  

Choosing color palette

A common mistake is choosing the color palette in a store. This is wrong. The right thing to do is ask for samples. So, you can see what they look in home. In this way, you will be able to see how they look in natural and artificial light.

Art pieces

In Tassini Design we love to add some art pieces, they add elegance and they are an interest element that express our client’s taste. A common mistake is hanging small art pieces. If you do this, your little piece of art will be devoured by the surrounding empty space and you want the opposite.

Less is more!

When you display so much elements at once everything will look messy and non-visually attractive. So remember that less is more!

The Do’s

Choose accessories

In Interior Design, you can play with accessories and elements to create a special atmosphere. So, do choose accessories that emphasizes the theme of a room and the colors used.

Enhance a room

We all want to make a room seems larger. A way to achieve that purpose is using a few large, statement pieces of furniture.

 Play with trends

As in fashion, in Interior Design you can play with trends. So, why don’t do it? Use accessories they’re easy to alter when you fancy a change. Of course, you have to keep a balance and try to play following an idea.


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Interior design through the decades

Interior design as well architecture has changed a lot. Nowadays, interior design has different shapes, colors, textures, lines, everything. Do you know all the changes? In this post you will find out! So let’s start.


In 1920 Art Deco was on vogue. The first time this style appeared was after the World War I. This style includes mosaic, ceramics and wrought iron. If you love chevron prints and textures this style is special because of that.

-Bold colors and patterns are really common in Art Deco

-Sharp angles and zigzags

-Deep red, bright blue, black, teal and orange are the tones of this interior design style.

1930s and 1940s

The 1930s and 1940s was the years of Modernist interior design. This type of design accentuates strong lines, minimal texture and it uses dramatic modern art.

If you like contrasting colors and textures, colors as grey, red, black, white and orange you’ll love Modernist style.


Mid-century interior design was all about organic and graphic patterns. This style made a hugged return with TV series, Mad Men.

This type of design has clean and minimalist lines, unexpected colors as blue, green, rust and pastels.


The style that we like: Minimalist. This interior design style was heavily influenced by Japanese design. The leiv motiv of Minimalist is “less is more”, that’s why it makes emphasis on negative space. Colors as red, yellow, blue, black and white are the ones in minimalist.


70s was the decade of self expression. A type of interior design that combines high-tech and natural elements, bold patterns. Colors such as brick red, gold, avocado green, pink and rust are typical of self expression.


The new modern appeared on the 80s. Floral prints and patterns are common on this interior design style. It furniture is overstuffed combine it with colors as burgundy, gold, pastels, beige, and mauve.


Individual is a mix of Art deco, minimalist, and modernist. This interior design has metal and glass accents. The color palette of Individual style is grey, beige, hunter green, peach, and mint green.


We’ve arrived to our century. Our kind of interior design is century eclecticism focused on functional yet sophisticated comfort. It combines eclectic elements with a unifying theme. You can recognize this type of design for colors like navy, light blue, brown, orange, soft yellow, purple, and olive in their elements, rooms and decoration.

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Design basics: second part

We know your house is your morada. A house is a place that we all want to express a part of what we are but sometimes we don’t know how to make it. That’s why we want to help you to create a beautiful home. There are a number of factors you need to consider when installing lighting and rearranging your home furniture. You can get started on your home decorating journey by reading this post.

Using variety of lighting sources will help you a lot!

This point matters because will allows you to increase light for activities and reduce it for a romantic ambiance. You can appliance this combined overhead lights, task lights, ambient, lighting and floor lamps.


Group decoration!

A trick is group decorations in odd numbers. Asymmetrical decorations are visually attractive, and that is what we all want to achieve, right? A great and a beautiful house!

A way to apply this is using groups of 3 for frames, pillows, candles and art.

Invest in classic

Classic furniture is a most have in all houses! So investing in this kind of furniture won’t be a waste of money or time. This matter because classic furniture last through all trends.You can apply it buying classic styles for sofas, beds, and tables. You can play swapping accessories!



Design Basics: first part

Today we want that you know all the design basics, they will help you to spruce up every room in your house. So let’s start!

First of all, you need to decide how each room will be used. This is kind of a gold interior design rule. So in this way you can define how every each of them are going to look.

Remember that what it matters is the room function. This is going to dictates overall design.

A way to apply what we say before is arranging furniture and appliances for easy use. Also allow space for adequate storage.   

Evoke emotions with color

Colors create calm, sparks the imagination and influences in the mood. The proper color pallet will influence in all that! So is very important.

Take notes of this:

·         Red sparks appetites –perfect for kitchens-

·         Yellow boost energy

·         Blue and green reduce stress

Arrange furniture for easy movement

Doing this will allows you a better flow, make a space more visually pleasant.

You will toward this doing this arranges:

·         Point large pieces toward the focal points

·         Don’t block walkways

·         Mix tall,short and heavy light furniture

Have a focal point

Having a focal point will create a center piece for your overall design. You just have to exploit natural focal points as: windows, fireplace or bay windows. Also bookcases, colorful rugs, mirrors also work.



How to create a gallery wall


A house is for collect moments and memories. A great way to do this is creating a gallery wall. In fact this galleries are super easy to make and they are beautiful!

So let’s inspire you to create one!

1.      Gather the materials you will need

  • The art you’d like to hang
  • Nails
  • A pencil
  • Butcher paper
  • Hammer
  • Scissors
  • Level
  • Painter’s tape

2.      Prepare your walls and pick a spot

Choose an original spot to create your own gallery wall! Take into consideration less obvious spots for clusters of pictures like over an entry way table, up a staircase or above a bed.

3.      Gather and arrange your art on the floor

So in this way you can be sure in the way you want to hang your pictures.


4.      There are lots styles of gallery walls. If you prefer a minimal look, use pieces in the same color scheme and in similar frames.  If you like to mix you just have to matched frames, styles and textures will magically come together once hung on a wall side by side.

5.      Securing your pictures

If you are using heavy pieces, be sure to use proper picture hangers. If your gallery shares a wall with a door that is often open and closed, your pictures will shift. Even the slightest movement can make an entire gallery wall appear messy. Use a level to make sure pictures are straight and then anchor the corners with tape.

How to deal with Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms can be a real challenge, however these spaces just need a clever interior design. May be what your home needs is a functional storage bathroom.

In a small bathroom every element must have a purpose and be functional. The important thing on small bathrooms is to create a sanctuary.

Let’s check out this small bathroom ideas together!


Be Functional

A key for a small bathroom is the functionality.  You need to be sure you’re adding only design elements that are functional. Don’t add objects that don’t serve a purpose.

A good ideas is to store cotton balls and swabs in glass jars on floating shelves.


Add Storage

Forget about large cabinets, showcase your colorful and textured towels in open shelving. This will add playful colors to your space! Other ideas:

  • Stack floating shelves to add storage in a fashionable way.
  • Colorful storage ladders showcase personality and are a great place to store containers.
  • Sink skirts add flair and hide cleaning products.
  • Wooden crates can be stacked, drilled into the wall or placed on the ground for accessible storage.


Palette colors  

You’ve to make sure you have planned your color palette. We recommend to you to use neutral colors to make your bathroom feel calm and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Create a neutral color palette to form the base theme of your bathroom.
  • Utilize textures and patterns in neutral tones to add creativity and depth.
  • Remember that the color white is associated with cleanliness.

Bathroom ideas

If you are one of those people who takes time wondering for ideas for decorating the bathroom of your house, you're in luck today! In this post we will give you a lot of decorating ideas bathroom, so you can boast the perfect one.

Decorative mirrors for the bathroom
A good idea to decorate the bathroom of your home is with a mirror like the one we show you down below. Think about the decorative style that you want for decorate the bathroom and choose one to that suits him. For example, if your bathroom is decorated in vintage style, you must look for a vintage mirror to keep harmonize all the bathroom.


Bathroom decorating set
There is nothing better than enjoying a bathroom set as a decorative element, after all, are things you need in your daily life: soap dish, soap dispenser, glass for rinsing and glass for toothbrushes.

Wall decal bath
Get a unique bathroom with a special decorative vinyl for your bathroom , don’t you want to decorate your bathroom in a special way? Let’s do it!

A natural touch to your bathroom
Give a natural touch to your bathroom with vases. You can also use fruits, leaves or any object that refer to nature.

Minimalist interior design

Minimalist style is a tendency which today steals the looks on the world of design and interior decoration. This decorative style responds to the idea of returning to the basics of each element.

Thus each piece of decoration or accessory is designed under the premise of functionality and design. To have more references when applying it to your home, these are some minimalist decorating ideas that you can consider while you are working with us.

Think about the color

When the minimalist style takes our spirit, there is an aspect to consider: we refer to the colors. The preference in decorating minimalist interiors is neutral colors. The ideal is to have a base tone, which is usually white, and others as primary colors or secondary colors to enhance the tonality.

Basic furniture

Perhaps the most basic furnishings that exist from thousands of years are the table and chair, together can turn a space in a beautiful dining room for dinner at night or have breakfast in family on mornings. In the searching of basics, minimalism is the simplest form of the elements. A thin tablecloth, a lush table centrepiece or dishes of multiple pieces is not necessary. Modern dining room furniture and ornaments minimum is paramount in this style.

The minimalisms is in everything

When it comes to incorporating the minimalist interior decoration in the interior of a house, no place escapes. The truth is that from the bathroom, study and even the kitchen decor, great things are possible.

Modern shelves

The call is for simple furniture that can serve for their function with honors and a good idea are shelves. The basic form of storage is a box and why not put floating boxes to store books? 

Modern minimalisms

That an object is based on the trend of minimalist doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be boring. Today thousands of firms engaged in launching new lines of minimalist furniture, concentrates on the importance of design and function, without leaving any of the side what they have achieved, large work that allows us to rethink the world and the objects that surround us.

Those are some of the reason why Tassini Design loves this type of decorating. We create beautiful spaces from basic forms.

Principal bedrooms décor

Your room is your sanctuary. Is the place where you can relax and be as you want to be without fear nothing.

The interior design of the principal bedroom should be an escape route to the imaginary world of each person. The design for this room has to be very special, intimate and warm. It is possible that the customer wants that their principal bedroom be a reflection of everything that he likes and loves. Or he may want to make it simple but elegant.

Interior design of married couples

The decor of double rooms filled with ornaments and furniture unused, has already passé. We cannot waste our space with things that we don't use; the best thing is to leave plenty of free space so you can move freely.

At the time of choosing furniture, we recommend to our clients pick the ones that are totally practical and have a pretty design. We recommend furniture finished in light shades since they contribute to the harmony of the bedroom. Only it is advisable to have a large and comfortable bed, a wardrobe where to store your clothes, a chest of drawers table for each and one Chair. If you have a bigger room can place here also a TV, a Blu-ray or stereo to create a place where the two can live pleasant moments.

As for the style of the decoration of marriage bedrooms, we take into account their ages, their personalities and their way of life. Perhaps one of them prefer a modern style, while the other is more classic. But this should not be a problem, they only have to learn to combine it their ideas. And we can help them in the process. Whatever style they choose, they must add a touch of romance to make it a very special house site.

Small bedrooms decoration

Although the space is small, there are bedrooms that after getting a good design seem larger. The placement of mirrors is a key to creating a feeling of spaciousness. Place a carpet, curtains or a bedside table is enough to create a comfortable environment.

An interesting decorative element is placement of tables, a chair or vases of flowers. As for the color of the walls, you can play with two well matched colors or even wallpaper.

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Take advantage of your stairs!

We can add infinity of uses to the dead spaces that we have under of our house

stairs. Some décor ideas and tricks are adding some shelves and turn it into a

storage space. But someone has thought once in use that place as a desk. If we

think a little bit in this isn’t a crazy thing. You can transform that place in your

office or turn it in a guest room installing a comfortable bed.

Ideas for stairs in the living room

If the stairs of your house are located in the living room, probably they are a pretty

elegant ones. So we can use more our creativity to create something very special.

Let’s take advantage of this space and let’s integrate it with the rest of the living

room decoration. We can transform it in a library, the perfect reading corner, or

just a place to storage things.

blog (3).jpg

Ideas for stairs in the principal hall

If the stair of your house is on the reception area, or located in a hall much

concurred, it will be a good area to use as the storage place to objects of common

use. Even your bike is you are a fan of sports. Another concept could be use this

space to give a special decoration to your home.

Turn your stairs into a office

If you don’t have much space in your house, you can turn, as we say before, this

place into your little studio. Take a look of this ideas!

We hope you like this article!

We hope you like this article!

What to consider when you decorate a small living room.

The living room is one of the first areas that visitors see upon entering our home, hence the order, elegance and good style should prevail in these areas to ensure good impression of them. Today, home decoration it's a very easy task because the diverse councils and decorative options have been shared in so many cases, especially when the living room, which is one of the most important places in home, needs to be decorated according to the new tendencies and space limitations.

The styles that can be used to decorate the living room are varied, everything depends on the characteristics of the room and the tastes and personality of its owner. A point to consider when you're decorating these places is the size of them, because the colors influence the environment, making it feel wider or narrower.

If the room is very small, sometimes can be a complicated job, cause those large furnitures that you wish should be ignored completely, however, the decor is never impossible because of the great innovations in terms of furnishings. Today, you can use countless furniture that have been developed specifically for small-sized houses without forget to bring versatility, style and keep been practical to your place.

An example of this are the sofa beds, that are perfect when you take home visitors and you do not have an extra room where they can sleep. In the living room you should never miss the shelves, as these are the ones who keep the place tidy perfectly. If you combine them with a beautiful table, they could bring the balance to your living room without so many furniture there.

Simpler decoration, wider living room will be displayed. So the excess use of accessories is discarded, mainly on the walls. As for the curtains, cushions, sofas, tables or other accessories should not have too ostentatious designs.

When we faced to the colors of the decoration, the key to give the wall the perfect tonality is a major issue, where it's recommended to use light shades made that create a feeling of spaciousness, clarity and freshness. In addition to white it is also recommended the blue and yellow as long as they are light colors.

What do you think of this advice? Do you have a particular style when decorating small spaces?

Share them with us.